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Activity First Aid (2 days)

The outdoor environment nearly always means that the casualty has to be looked after for a longer timescale than is typical in a more urban setting

What are the benefits of this course

Our Outdoor First Aid course provides the appropriate skills to manage an incident in a remote location, where emergency medical assistance could be many hours away. This course is ideal for people who have responsibility for taking groups of people on activity outings such as outdoor walks or bike rides, and in particular for members and leaders of activity and youth groups.

Key points of the Activity First Aid course:

  • Define their role as an emergency first aider, and how to communicate effectively when dealing with a casualty.
  • Describe how to minimise risks to themselves and others.
  • Identify first aid equipment and how to use it.
  • Describe how to conduct a scene survey, a casualty assessment and call for help.
  • Demonstrate how to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitati on (CPR) using a mannequin doll.
  • Describe how to identi fy and treat a choking casualty with a par ally and completely blocked airway
  • Demonstrate how to control severe external bleeding
  • Describe signs, symptoms and how to treat any casualty suffering from meningi tis, poisoning, seizures and stroke.
  • Detail how to deal with fainti ng, bites, sti ngs, sprains, strains and other bone, muscle and joint injuries.

All course attendees will be provided with a Activity First Aid (2 days) certificate valid for 3 years

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