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Fire Risk Assessment Reviews in the UK

Active Fire Management currently offers a Fire Risk Assessment Review service that is customized to ensure compliance with legislation and the needs of each individual customer.

When should a Fire Risk Assessment be reviewed?

The first step to reviewing your fire risk assessment is to look at your current document and think about these questions: Is it still applicable to my organisation? Am I doing any new activities that could be a fire risk since the document was produced? Has there been a major modification to the building? Any significant changes to the user group for the property in question? When was the last fire risk assessment conducted? The appropriate fire safety legislation will provide additional guidance.

In compliance with Fire Safety Legislation, our Fire Risk Assessment Review offers customers our usual quality service standards in the creation of a review option to the last Fire Risk Assessment on record. Our findings ensure that the fire risk assessment review accounts for the requirements set by the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRO) and our customers will review a report and action plan as appropriate.

Action Plans and Recommendations

Our Fire Risk Assessors will create a fire risk assessment action plan providing recommendations to rectify any fire safety deficiencies our Fire Risk Assessors find during our fire risk assessment including a priority order for completion in accordance with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRO) and other fire safety legislation.

Our fire risk assessors can also provide written Fire Safety Emergency/Evacuation Plans to help you further comply with Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRO) and other relevant the fire safety legislation.

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