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Basic Fire Safety Training Courses in the UK

This course is suitable for all members of staff and is particularly good for persons that have not received fire training before as well as serving as an essential refresher.

Who should attend Basic Fire Safety Training?

The law requires all personnel whether employed, temporary or voluntary to have adequate fire training. Attendance on our basic fire safety course will result in compliance with fire safety legislation. Click here to download a Training Course brochure.

We recommend a 3 hour course with the aim of the course being to ensure delegates attending have sound knowledge of fire prevention measures. They will have greater awareness of the danger of fire and how to prevent fires from occurring. Delegates will be prepared for fire and know what to do should fire break out.

Furthermore, delegates will gain essential knowledge of:

  • Their responsibilities with regard to fire safety
  • The danger of fire and how fire can spread
  • The threat to people and property
  • Fire procedures and why they are implemented
  • The action to take upon discovery of fire and the urgent of raising the alarm
  • The different types of fire extinguisher and the classes of fire on which they should be used

All course attendees will be provided with a Basic Fire Safety Training Certificate.

Contact us or E-mail info@activefiremanagement.co.uk for a course programme and course fees.

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