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Fire Risk Assessment Reports in the UK

Fire Risk Assessment Reports

Our fire risk assessment reports include observations, findings and recommendations that our fire risk assessors identify that are relevant to the following to ensure you comply with The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order and other relevant fire safety legislation.

Easy to understand report with action plan

The report is provided in a detailed customer user friendly format that details amongst other things:

  • A description of property and the applicable fire safety legislation including the regulatory reform fire safety order and a general property photograph taken by our fire risk assessors.
  • General property information including number of floors, use of premises, occupiers and basic risk level as determined by our fire risk assessors
  • Hazards and ignition sources, including electrical sources of ignition, heating, cooking, arson, storage, house-keeping, building work and outside contractors
  • Means of escape, including fire exits, protection of escape routes, structural integrity and external exit routes
  • Emergency lighting including maintenance and records made available to our fire risk assessors
  • Fire Signs and notices
  • Fire alarm and fire warning arrangements, including fire and smoke detection
  • Fixed and portable fire extinguishing equipment and installations including fire extinguishers and maintenance
  • Management of fire safety including fire routine, emergency plan and records as made available to our fire risk assessors
  • Access for fire fighting and fire fighter safety including staircase and corridor ventilation
  • An action plan providing recommendations made by our fire risk assessors to rectify any deficiencies as per fire safety legislation, including priority order for completion and guideline budget costs
  • Fire risk related photos of the property taken by the fire risk assessors, illustrating any deficiencies in accordance with fire safety legislation

Our Fire Risk Assessors will create a fire risk assessment action plan providing recommendations to rectify any fire safety deficiencies our Fire Risk Assessors find during our fire risk assessment including a priority order for completion in accordance with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order and other fire safety legislation.

We can also provide written Emergency/Evacuation Plans to help you further comply with the fire safety legislation.

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