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Fire Safety Courses in the UK

Choose Fire Training that meets your needs

We specialise in the delivery of on-site (at your premises) staff fire training on a UK-wide basis. Courses aim to help you comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and include:

We provide customers with fire training course attendance records, fire training course evaluation forms measuring our fire training effectiveness and fire training course certificates to keep within your own fire safety training records should these either be required for inspection by the Local Authority or during a fire risk assessment. We tailor our fire safety training courses to customer’s fire training needs. We can include findings from your fire risk assessment and company procedures when we deliver your fire training course. This ensures fire training course delegates are aware of the significant findings of your fire risk assessment, any site specifics and any fire risk assessment issues that concern people.

Why choose Active Fire Management?

    • Our instructors are highly qualified experienced fire personnel with the required training qualifications to deliver our courses.
    • Over 20 years experience in fire safety training, fire marshal training and in fire risk assessment services.
    • High quality course materials for your staff, fire marshal and fire wardens and those with responsibilities towards fire safety.
    • Fire Safety Training that is supported by our Operations, Customer Service and Quality Management infrastructure.
    • Nationwide delivery of fire safety training, fire marshal / fire warden courses.
    • All Fire Safety Training Courses can be delivered at your premises to reduce the need for staff travel.
    • We cover your procedures, site specifics and findings from your fire risk assessment to ensure applicable knowledge.
    • We provide fire training records to accompany your fire risk assessment.
    • We also provide fire safety course certificates to all attendants and your organisation.
    • Fire Safety Training can be supported by our nationwide fire risk assessment service.

For further information about Active Fire Management’s fire risk assessment, fire consultancy, fire safety training services and fire training course please email info@activefiremanagement.co.uk or call us on 0333 016 4224. Our staff will be pleased to hear from you and discuss any specific fire risk assessment or fire safety training needs you may have.

Our fire marshal training course is an interactive half day fire marshal training course designed to provide your fire marshal and your fire marshal deputies with sufficiently detailed fire safety information on the role of the fire marshal. This interactive half day course is suitable for fire wardens, fire marshals, fire marshal deputies, managers, supervisors and any member of staff that has specific responsibilities towards fire safety.

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