LPG Storage

Where LPG in cylinders or cartridges is present, you need to take particular care to minimise the possibility of it`s involvement in a fire. The total amount of LPG for display or demonstration in retail areas should be kept to the minimum necessary to meet business needs. In no circumstances should it exceed 70kg and this should be reduced to 15kg if the retail premises are under residential accommodation or part of a multi-use building, unless the two are separated by a substantial partition that is imperforate and provides at least 60 minutes fire resistance.

Locate cylinders and cartridges in a safe and secure place where they;

Cannot be interfered with.

Can be kept upright (with valve protection fitted).

Are away from sources of ignition and /or readily ignitable materials.
Are away from any corrosive, toxic or oxidant materials.

Are away from stairways, exit doors and places where they may obstruct the means of escape.

Quantities of LPG in excess of the amounts indicated for retail areas should be stored in a properly designated and located storage area that is dedicated for LPG. Bulk storage tanks for LPG should be designed, installed and located in accordance with industry guidance.


Fireworks can cause fires and explosions in shops. They have the potential for a violent release of pressure and heat that can cause severe harm to people and damage to a building. Fireworks can be ignited or detonated by contact with ignition sources or by contamination, where other chemicals or water cause the material to become unstable.

If you sell fireworks you have certain obligations to the public and your staff; you must:

Be "Registered" or obtain a license to store fireworks.

Store fireworks safely.

Review your risk assessment and where necessary take additional measures.

Preventative measures include;

Store and display fireworks in appropriate containers, display cabinets.

Keep all fireworks in a dry place.

Do not store an excessive amount of fireworks either in the shop or stockroom.
Do not store fireworks near other articles that could spread the fire.

Do not store fireworks near an escape route.


Some aerosols can contain flammable products stored at pressure and they can present a high level of hazard. When ignited they can explode, produce fireballs and rocket to distances over 40m. Their presence in premises can make it unsafe for firefighters to enter a building and they have the potential of starting multiple fires.

The following should be considered to reduce these risks;

All staff involved in the movement, storage and display of aerosol cans should be adequately instructed, trained and supervised.

Damaged and leaking aerosol cans should be removed immediately to a safe, secure and well ventilated place prior to disposal.

Powered vehicles should not be used to move damaged stock, unless specially adapted for use in flammable atmospheres, arrangements must be made for disposal at a licensed waste management facility.