Glasgow Steiner school fire

Firefighters were sent to a school in Glasgow yesterday morning (March 26th) after a blaze started in a first-floor classroom. Around 60 pupils at Glasgow Steiner School had to be led away from the area after the conflagration started at 11:30 GMT.

Fire safety officers and officers from local stations attended the scene in Lumsden Street, with a huge presence ensuring the fire didn't spread. News reports that at its height, around 55 firefighters were tackling the blaze and ten appliances were used. As of yesterday afternoon, the fire had yet to be put out. Nobody was hurt in the incident and all children were ushered away to the local community centre for their own safety. However, road closures were brought in because of the severity of the blaze, causing local disruption to traffic. It is the second school fire to hit the area over the last week, with Hollybrook Academy in the city now closed until after Easter because of a blaze.

The fire, thought to be have been started by vandals, caused significant damage to the establishment's building, meaning it is unsafe for pupils to return there until after the upcoming holiday period. Under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, employers must carry out a fire-risk assessment of their workplace - including schools - for the purpose of identifying any risks to the safety of employees and others in respect of harm caused by fire in the workplace. Failure to do so could lead to a fine or up to two years in prison.