Sandhill Park Fire - Four jailed

Arsonists who set fire to a Grade II-listed mansion in Somerset have been jailed.

Stuart Walter, 23, of Lympsham, Nathan Goldfinch and Marcus Tancock, both 20 and from Weston, and Liam Grant, 19, of Cheddar all pleaded guilty to arson.

The "particularly dangerous" fire, at Sandhill Park, cost Devon and Somerset Fire £30,000 to deal with, Taunton Crown Court heard. The judge said it was an "extreme case of mindless vandalism, planned and carefully executed". Tancock was sentenced to a total of 27 months for arson and dangerous driving. Walter and Goldfinch were sentenced to 12 and 18 months respectively for arson. Grant was sentenced to a total of 21 months for arson and two counts of fraud.

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