What to do if there's a fire

If there’s a fire, you need to act quickly. Make sure you are prepared and that everyone in your house knows exactly what to do.
Alert everyone

Make sure everyone in the house knows about the fire – shout and get everyone together.
Get everyone out

You should have an escape route planned that everyone in your house is familiar with. If you don’t have one already, see 'Planning a safe escape' for information on how to make an escape plan for your home. As you escape, remember:

  • Don’t delay to save valuables or look for pets
  • Don’t investigate the fire
  • Crawl on the floor if there’s smoke - the air is cleaner near the floor
  • On the floor, put your nose as low as possible - remember, smoke is toxic and can kill you
  • As you go out, only open the doors you need to and close any open doors you can to slow the spread of the fire
  • Feel doors with the back of your hand before you open them, if they’re warm, don’t open them – the fire is on the other side
  • If you’re escaping with others, stay together if you can