Services Provided to the YMCA

For the second year running Active Fire Management delivered fire training this month to Sussex Central YMCA offer help to many different young people but especially those who are isolated and struggling through homelessness, exclusion from school, family breakdown, poor mental health or drug and alcohol problems.  Established in 1919, Sussex Centre YMCA have grown dramatically, particularly in the last decade to provide a wide range of services across Brighton and Hove.  Sussex Central YMCA is a Christian organisation that believes everyone deserves the chance to fulfil their God-given potential.  Although they work with all members of the community, they particularly aim to meet the needs of young people throughout a variety of projects and Sussex-wide initiatives and current helps over 5,000 young people in their area each year which is something we believe they should be extremely proud of.  Fire Marshal/Responsible Person Training was delivered to a number of staff members at the association’s premises in Hove.

Over recent months, Active Fire Management have provided it’s services to other YMCA’s too – including a fire risk assessment in Leicester YMCA and a fire marshal training course in Hackney.