New First Aid Training Course

This month Active Fire Management were also pleased to offer new services to an existing customer who had previously used the company’s services in a fire consultancy capacity.

The company delivered a One Day Emergency First Aid in the Workplace Course for Shian Housing who are a community based housing association established in 1989 to cater for the general housing needs of ethnic minority people in Hackney and neighbouring areas.  The word “shian” means “home” in the Ghanaian language Ga.  Shian strives to provide not just bricks and mortar for their clients, but homes they can identify with.  The Association provides culturally sensitive housing designed to enrich the community and encourage harmony in our multi-ethnic society.  Ten delegates attended the course at the Association’s main offices in Hackney.

Training courses were also delivered this month for a number of customers including a restaurant in Soho, a supported living scheme on behalf of a care provider, a housing development company and a specialist care organisation providing responsive residential and community based services for service users with alcohol, drug or mental health problems.