Multiple Types of Property

Fire Risk Assessments in Multiple Types of Property

Active Fire Management carries out fire risk assessments in a huge variety of premises throughout the country, but February saw the team carry out assessments in a property type new to its portfolio.  London Borough of Lambeth engaged the services of Active Fire Management to carry out fire risk assessments in two crematoria.  The assessments covered the entire premises including areas for the public attending cremation services and buildings housing the cremators, charging rooms where coffins are loaded as well as remembrance areas and chapels, waiting rooms and other public facilities.  Our Senior Fire Consultant said “ we did find some issues with a long single direction of travel distance for the works in the crematoria which were able to overcome by recommending a fire alarm system to provide an early warning of fire to the workers”.

Other risk assessments carried out by the company this month were very varied and included a hotel in East Sussex, a law firms offices as well as a number of other office premises across London and a number of housing associations across London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and West Sussex.