Fire Safety Training in Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s  businesses  are  about  to  receive  a  welcome  boost  by  a  range  of  services scheduled to be provided by one of the UK’s most successful training and consulting companies, founded by Gibraltarian Donahue Cortes.  

Active  Solutions  Consulting  Group  (ASCG)  located  in  West  Sussex  close  to  London, began life as a training provider for cabin crew and pilots, and since has expanded to include  fire  safety  consulting,  first  aid  and  management  development  training.   The company’s CEO, Donahue, a former airline crew member and manager, left his airline career years ago to pursue ambitions to set up a business that would offer outstanding levels  of  quality  and  customised  customer  service,  yet  maintaining  a  cost  effective approach.  Today  ASCG  is  fast  becoming  a  global  player,  recognised  for  service  and
quality ethics, employee talent and its ability to help people and organisations to develop resources, knowledge and skills.  

Explaining  his  motivation  to  come  to  Gibraltar  to  launch  his  services  here,  Donahue explains “I have been looking for a way to do my bit for Gibraltar. I left Gibraltar when I was in my late teens and have for a long time now been keen to establish a working base here”.

Services will commence later this month (February 2012) with the delivery of monthly Fire Training Courses including Basic Fire Safety and Fire Marshal Training.  The training is open for attendance by delegates from any organisation or business in Gibraltar at very reasonable rates.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Gibraltar to learn new skills from one of the fastest growing training companies in Europe. Donahue is very encouraged by the response his company has received so far from the business community in Gibraltar, many of whom attended a free seminar presented by Donahue and his colleagues in May 2011.  Donahue said “I look forward to working with the local people and businesses. It would be our great pleasure to share our knowledge with those who would most directly benefit from it and to bring our vision to Gibraltar”.

The courses provide a certificate of attendance upon completion.  The team at Active Fire Management are always on hand to deal with enquiries on 08700 672757 or by emailing