Fire Risk Assessment Reviews

Active Fire Management have spent considerable time this month working for a number of customers all around the country reviewing Fire Risk Assessments.

Kerry Lawrence, Director of Active Fire Management said “it’s one thing having an initial Fire Risk Assessment carried out within your premises, but it is also part of fire safety law to ensure that your Fire Risk Assessment is subject to review.  Fire Risk Assessments are now seen by Local Authorities and indeed the law to be ongoing processes.  You must ensure that your Fire Risk Assessment is regularly reviewed and updated to make sure existing problems have been dealt with and to quickly identify any new issues which may arise”.

This  month  the  company’s  Fire  Risk  Assessors  have  been  busy  working  in  London, Cardiff,  Huddersfield  and  Cornwall  carrying  out  assessments  and  reviews  as  part  of ongoing contracts with its customers.