Preventing Arson

Statistics show that over 2,100 fire incidents are started deliberately every week. Fires that have been started deliberately can generally develop at a much faster rate than other types of fires, and in many cases they are started in areas forming part of escape routes. Arson is a real risk for all businesses and premises and Active Fire Management are pleased to be able to share some advice and tips on how to manage risks against arson attacks.

  • Always secure all entry points to the premises including windows and roof.
  • Ensure that rubbish and combustible materials are removed regularly.
  • Do not allow storage of goods or materials next to windows or doors opening into any part of the building.
  • Ensure that your security alarm and fire detection system is monitored and acted on.
  • Ensure access to the building is sufficiently controlled.
  • Secure flammable liquids so that intruders cannot use them.
  • Secure all storage areas and unused areas of the building that do not form part of an escape route.
  • Fire secure metal letterboxes on the inside of letter flaps to contain any burning materials that may be pushed through.
  • Report suspicious activity.
  • Take professional advice when completing fire risk assessments and act promptly on any findings and recommendations.
  • Do not forget dismissed employees - disgruntled employees can be a real threat. Take the necessary measures to retrieve keys and all access rights.

Remember in a fire - Get Out - Stay Out - Call the Fire Services.

Active Fire Management looks at the risk of arson as part of their extensive Fire Risk Assessments. Our fire risk assessment reports include observations, findings and recommendations that our fire risk assessors identify that are relevant to ensure you comply with The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order and other relevant fire safety legislation.