Window Safety

Home Safety Council research shows that injuries associated with windows caused more than 110,000 emergency room visits in a single year. To be safe around windows, follow these tips.

Protect Children from Window Falls

Children are more likely to die or be severely injured from window-related falls than falls associated with any other product. Most of these injuries happen during the spring and summer.

  • Window screens are not strong enough to prevent a child’s fall from a window.
  • Install specially designed window guards on upper windows to keep children from falling out of windows.
  • Buy window guards that have a quick-release mechanism inside the window. This will let you open the window fast in case there is a fire.
  • Move furniture away from windows in children’s rooms to keep them from getting too close.
  • Never leave young children alone near open windows.

Window Cords

Reports show that more than 169 strangulation deaths caused by window coverings have been tracked since 1991. Most were children three and younger, though children up to age six are considered to be at risk. New window coverings are designed to be safer, but some homes still have older blinds. They have cords that form a loop. These could strangle a child. The best option is to install new 'cordless' blinds to reduce the risk of strangulation even more.

  • Look at all your window coverings for inner and outer cord loops in blinds that could pose a danger to children.
  • Move cribs, playpens, beds and other furniture away from windows.
  • Tie window cords up and out of a child’s reach.