Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is known as “the silent killer.” You cannot see it, smell it or taste it. CO claims the lives of nearly 300 people in their homes each year. CO is a deadly gas that is produced by fuel-burning heating equipment, such as furnaces, wood stoves, fireplaces, and kerosene heaters. Follow these guidelines to help keep your family safer.

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that you cannot see or smell.
  • Put a CO alarm in your home. The CO alarm can warn you if too much CO is in your home.
  • Install a CO alarm near the area where your family sleeps. Know the sound your alarm makes if there is too much CO in the room.
  • Go outside quickly if the CO alarm sounds.
  • Call 9-9-9. Your fire department will find out what caused the alarm to sound. They will let you know when it is safe to go back inside.

Potential CO Sources:

CO can build up in your home if you use equipment and appliances that burn fuel but are not working properly. Have a service person check these things every year to be sure they are working properly.

  • Gas or oil-burning furnace
  • Gas water heater
  • Gas or kerosene burning heater
  • Gas oven or stove
  • Fireplace or wood stove

The following equipment should only be used outside

  • Car engines and other motors
  • Generators
  • Barbeque or gas grill